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October 14, 2018                          Aloha PEK - Pics of last flight...

October 10, 2018                      10 Hours Rest is Law! - AFA Interactive

November 11, 2017          Company Incentives for December Bid & Reserve Lines

July 14, 2017 

Dear Friends,

It is with great sorrow that we send our love and prayers to the Reller family. Britt passed away this afternoon along with his beloved mother.

He was a welcome source of friendliness and professionalism in the lounge and was helpful to many of us. Britt was a warm and kind person who was respectful of the group which garnered much respect in return. 

Please know that as we all cope during this difficult time, both the AFA and FEI/company EAP will be available in the lounge as a resource to you. You can also call upon any one of our EAP peers for support.

Britt was an amazing manager and friend and we will all miss him dearly.

With great love,
Council 43

June 02, 2017                               INFLIGHT UPDATES, GENERAL - 6.2.17

Happy Friday Fellow Flight Attendants!  Please note that there are several inflight updates that are important in terms of your day-to-day planning.
Please check the ifs website for the sick leave and FMLA new call-out process.  This is effective June 1, so please take note of the change from Aetna to Inflight Absence Management especially for sick and well calls.
Also, the uniform fitting scheduling process has been updated.  The window for fittings is short, June 5 - 23, so please ensure that you sign-up for your fitting!   
Finally, for those of you who have been concerned about our dry cleaning services, the company posted the temporary vendor and locations.
Beyond this, here's to safe and happy flying!

May 15, 2017                               LAX TERMINAL MOVE - Reminder

As a reminder, Hawaiian Airlines will move from Terminal 2 to Terminal 5. The company posted that our first departure from Terminal 5 is scheduled to take place on Wednesday, May 17. Please ensure that you allow additional time to get to the aircraft on time especially if you are unfamiliar with Terminal 5.


We are currently seeking one (1) qualified candidate for each officer and committee chair position unless contractually stated.

April 20, 2017                       RECALL PAY CALCULATIONS - UPDATE 4-20-17 

April 17, 2017                      RECALL PAY CALCULATIONS - UPDATE 4-17-17 

April 01, 2017                  Local Executive Council 43 Electronic Newsletter!


The LEC 43 has just posted their latest electronic newsletter. Read it here!

March 11, 2017                          LEC ELECTION, CANDIDATES FORUM 

All AFA members in good standing are welcome to attend our candidates forum on Tuesday, April 11 from 1100 am - 200 pm at the HNL Airport Conference rooms on the 7th floor of the Inter-Island terminal. 

Each candidate was invited to this Special Local Executive Council meeting.  This is an opportunity for our members to ask questions of each officer candidate who chooses to attend and participate.  Please feel free to join us.  For those of you who will be away or unable to be at the meeting, we are working on live streaming and possibly other means to view the forum.  We look forward to seeing you there!

February 01, 2017                  Local Executive Council 43 Electronic Newsletter!


The LEC 43 has just posted their latest electronic newsletter. Read it here!

January 11, 2017                        Women’s March on Washington


AFA and CWA are participating in the Women’s March on Washington ( on January 21st.

                                                                        Click here for details.

December 27, 2016       ABSENCE REPORTING CHANGE - "Beginning January 2017"


he company is changing the process when Flight Attendants call in sick or use their FMLA.  Please ensure that you are familiar with this new process as it is automated; starting sometime in January, you will no longer speak to a live representative.  

December 26, 2016                              PBS Line Inquiries


It has come to our attention that some of you have questions because your Crewtrac and Flica may now be different from your final bid. 

Prior to the bids being finalized, the AFA was made aware of an issue that affected a portion of our FAs awards. We reached out to the company to open a dialogue; the company opted to publish the bids.

If you have any questions about your bid, please fill out a PBS Line Inquiry. You can find the link for the form on both the ifs website and the HALAFA app. The company will work on inquiries through December 28.

Please accept our apologies as we have and are making efforts to learn more about what occurred and will continue to try and work with the company.

December 24, 2016                  FORCED/INVOLUNTARY RECALL

The company is having to involuntarily recall Flight Attendants to cover flights because of a shortage of Flight Attendants.

The company begins by offering voluntary recall in order of seniority for Flight Attendants (FAs) to volunteer for specific flights.  However at 2 hours (Inter-Island) and 3 hours (International) before a flight that needs to be covered, Crew Scheduling (CS) will switch to involuntary recall ("forced recall"). 

CS will begin calling in inverse seniority order (bottom up) to Bid FAs on days off.  If CS contacts a Bid FA there are only a few reasons to decline the assignment.  The first is if you have had a drink of alcohol within an 8-hour period before check-in.  Other reasons include if you are sick, you have not received legal rest or you have some kind of personal emergency.

Please refer to section 7. Hours of Service I. Recalling Flight Attendants Days Off, 4 (page 7-28) of the Flight Attendant Contract.  This provision outlines your options for pay or pay and credit and the return of your days off.

November 01, 2016                  Local Executive Council 43 Electronic Newsletter!


The LEC 43 has just posted their latest electronic newsletter. Read it here!

October 15, 2016                  GALAXY 7 NOTE - IMMEDIATE FAA BAN, 10.15.16

The FAA has issued an emergency order today regarding the device:Effective Saturday, October 15, 2016, 6:00 a.m. HST:
• Passengers and crewmembers are prohibited from transporting the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 device on an aircraft, by either carrying it on their person or in carry-on or checked baggage, or shipping it via air as cargo.
• Passengers with the device will be denied boarding unless they are able to divest or dispose of the phone
• Airlines are not expected to conduct searches or to confiscate phones
For more information, please check the ifs website or talk to a manager.

October 11, 2016                  Local Executive Council 47 EAP Message!


An important message for LAX Based FA's posted as lead article on LEC 47 homepage

October 01, 2016                  Local Executive Council 43 Electronic Newsletter!


The LEC 43 has just posted their latest electronic newsletter. Read it here!

September 08, 2016     A September 11th Anniversary Message From Your AFA EAP

We know that the anniversaries of significant events in people’s lives can sometimes trigger reactions.  September 11, 2016 will be no different.  Some of us may harness our responses by participating in commemorative activities and memorials.    For others, September 11th will be marked by private reflections and personal tributes like a moment of silence or picking up a trip on the 11th.  For others, September 11th will serve as a reminder that September is National Preparedness Month.  Many will channel their responses into creating or updating family disaster communication/preparedness plans.


How ever you choose to structure your day this September 11th or how ever it just naturally unfolds, please remember that your AFA EAP committee representatives welcome being a part of it.  If you or a flying partner needs a confidential ear, please call your local EAP representatives (contact information at or call us at 1-800-424-2406. Remember, we’re just a phone call away.  

September 09, 2016                  Master Executive Council Q3 Electronic Newsletter!


The MEC has just posted their third quarter electronic newsletter. Read it here!

August 01, 2016                           Local Executive Council 43 Newsletter!


LEC 43 has just posted their August newsletter. You can find it by clicking here!



August 01, 2016   TSA SELF DEFENSE TRAINING OPPORTUNITY:  October 3 – 6, 2016

The Crew Member Self Defense Training Program provides four-hours of training to prepare active crew members of all domestic scheduled carriers for potential physical altercations both on and off the aircraft. 

Register Now!

July 11, 2016               PBS Committee Comments On New PBS User Interface            


The Union PBS Committee members have been involved with the roll out of the new “User Interface” or “UI”. After reviewing the original beta version of the program and the latest release, we have verified that there are no substantial changes to the programming logic or award processes so we are not concerned that it will affect any required contractual obligations by the company. 
The union committee members (Patrick Smith and myself) have attended the new UI training sessions and have provided lounge support to both the FAs and the company-selected trainers.  We have also reviewed and made recommendations to the Company PBS representatives regarding the training processes and learning materials for the transition.
The reason for this change is due to the vendor deciding to support Apple hand-held devices (iPads for example) which historically have not supported the java scripting of the old version. Since this required a new programming language they decided to give the program a facelift which did not change overall functionality.  There are some minor program changes that will be addressed in the PBS Newsletter once we have confirmed that they are working properly if they are eventually enabled by the Company or Navtech. 


Safe Flying,


Greg Wickstrom 

PBS Union Committee Chair

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