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     This Committee is responsible for systematic engagement of AFA-CWA Members to achieve a vital connection of two-way communication between AFA-CWA Members and AFA-CWA Leadership. The Committee structure encourages a high level of participation from the AFA-CWA Membership to build solidarity and power to support all Union efforts to defend and enhance the Flight Attendant profession.

     To provide a two-way channel of communications between the Membership and the elected MEC Officers.  The Committee will work closely with MEC Officers in order to provide timely, current and an accurate flow of information to the Flight Attendants concerning important issues in the Local Council.

     We worked on this guide as a resource to help you through the weeks and months ahead.  By reviewing and discussing other labor groups’ programs, we created this for our Flight Attendant membership.  After our initial email blast, this guide will be posted on our website.  We recognize that there may be other resources and information that could help.  Should you come across anything that may be useful, please do not hesitate to let us know.  We will continually update the information as some details may change over time. 

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Who do I contact?

For assistance, please contact: Seat Vacant

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Master Executive Council


Local Executive Council 43
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Seat Vacant

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2022 Committee Updates

2021 Committee Updates

The following are the most recent items that we would like to ask you to share with your flying partners, classmates, and friends: Keeping Things Straight There has been much chatter about company policies and what they mean. From the HA Social Media policy, State of Hawaii Crew Exemption, and even In-Flight Service, it is best that you keep informed and know [...]

Our Mobilizing Team has started to make calls today; our goal was to call each of the 155 Involuntarily Furloughed Flight Attendants through Sunday. Essentially, the company is sending you information regarding the Payroll Support Program (PSP) and your recall (return) to work. They intend on sending out emails as well as certified letters on Monday, January 11 [...]

2020 Committee Updates

We hope that this email finds you well. We understand that this is a very difficult and scary time for all of us. As of today, there is only 15 days left until the current Payroll Support Program expires. We are all affected by this in different ways due to future travel and restrictions being [...]

As you know, the NC reached a Tentative Agreement (TA) this past Sunday night. We are now moving into the process of educating everyone about the details of the TA and voting on it. This vote comes at a time of unprecedented challenges to our industry and our company. Your AFA leadership, in recognizing the urgency of locking in this TA, if it is the will of the membership [...]

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