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LEC 47 President

Josh Aoki

Master Executive Council (MEC) Voting Member

AFA Board of Directors Member

AFA - CWA Delegate

My name is Josh and I am addicted to carbs (LOL). I have been with Hawaiian for 15 years and my favorite destination is Barcelona!!!


     I was not initially interested in union work. When I was asked by Melissa Teshima, then LEC 47 President, to be a Mobilizer Co-Chair to help in negotiations I half-heartedly agreed. As I continued to see the vibe of our Flight Attendants change through our mobilizing efforts, I was inspired at the work that my partner Kawehi Apo and I put in. Seeing the fruits of our labor was an awesome experience and truly lit a fire in me. It was then a natural transition to presidency because Melissa was not running for another term as president and the vacancy needed to be filled. Now, 1 year into my term, I have been faced with many challenges. I did not expect that this position would be this task heavy but I have an amazing team of officers that help me and support me and I am forever grateful to them.

Paul Ikioka.jpeg

LEC 47 Vice President

Paul Ikioka


Born and raised on the island of Maui, I attended Maui High School and graduating in 1982. I then went on to attend college at California State University Long Beach and completed my Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration, as well as my MBA.

I had a 30 year career as a Financial Analyst at the Boeing Company, when I decided to become a Flight Attendant here at Hawaiian Airlines. Citing Quality of Life as the main driver behind this career change, I started on the line in May of 2018 and never looked back. 

I initially volunteered to join the Grievance team as a way to learn more about the Collective Bargaining Agreement. My experiences on the team made me realize that education of our Flight Attendants is the best way to help them to be able to advocate for themselves, and protect the rights that our contract provides. I am committed to be transparent, fair, and continue to promote further education of the contract.

I am excited to start on this new journey as Council 47's LEC Vice President and continue to serve and support our team members here in Los Angeles.


LEC 47 Secretary

Beth Hayes


     Beth Hayes became a flight attendant with Hawaiian in 1988, almost 33 years ago. Before that, she taught high school in Lanai and then at Kamehameha Schools. She is originally from Kailua and graduated from Kailua High School. Beth moved to LA 3 months into her career with Hawaiian with several of her classmates - with the thought that this would be just for a short time.


Then she met her husband and married, and stayed after relocating to Huntington Beach. Once Beth’s children were older, she got involved with the union - starting on the grievance committee in 2015.  She became involved with grievances because she wanted to help correct so many wrongs taking place at the time with people's schedules etc.


In 2017 she joined the leadership as the LEC secretary, which is her current position today. Beth has really enjoyed her work with the union and loves being able to help FA’s get the correct answers to their questions/problems. 

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