Dear Fellow Flight Attendants –

So much has changed in the course of 12 months.  At the start of 2020, our company was making record profits and we were hiring Flight Attendants.  We were at the tail end of our protracted negotiations with the company and were rallying as one voice.  Then, the world turned upside-down as the pandemic ravaged life as we knew it. Our flights were cut by 95% and many of us were on leave or out of work trying to make ends meet. 


Although it may be difficult to see the good in challenging times, we do know that our leadership team is grateful.  We work with thoughtful, kind and loyal Flight Attendants who care about our role as Safety Professionals and as Hawaiian Airlines employees.  And we know that in times of need, we are there to support one another.  It is this good that helps us through each day as our company rebuilds from the pandemic wreckage.


Although we do not know what the future holds, we do know that unity is important now more than ever.  Please know that through our years together in leadership, our commitment still remains true…we are here for you.  Our leadership is here to support you to the best of our abilities.  Our goals continue to include:

1.  answering your questions via call, text or email in a timely fashion;

2.  having a lounge presence as often as possible;

3.  working with the MEC to ensure that the information we provide you is accurate;

4.  listening to your concerns and issues, then addressing them, in a timely fashion; and

5.  supporting the Flight Attendant group in a positive and respectful manner.


The days, months and years ahead of us will not be easy.  However, we will get through this, together.  Thank you for your engagement and unity as we stand with our many brothers and sisters in labor for brighter tomorrows.


Stronger Together, Better Together,

Jaci-Ann, Kahea, Kerri and the entire AFA Leadership

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AFA-CWA Message
Local Executive Council 43, Honolulu-Base
November 30, 2021

re: Uniform Ordering, Survey 

Dear Fellow Flight Attendants,

As 2021 draws to a close, we are surveying the Flight Attendants on the uniform ordering process for years 2020 and 2021. Many of our Flight Attendants have expressed frustration and we want to be able to help quantify the issues and concerns. Please help b...

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AFA-CWA Message
Local Executive Council 43, Honolulu-Base
November 22, 2021

re: HNL Parking & Shuttle, transition 

Dear Fellow Flight Attendants,

As you may know, the company is transitioning our HNL parking from pandemic parking in the IPS structure, to a temporary holiday and then permanent arrangement. This sudden shift resulted from the short notice from the airport’s parking vendor. A g...