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We would like to apologize as yesterday’s MEC communication had some name errors. We thought it best to resend it to respect their years of service with the company. Once again, we’d like to express our heartfelt “Aloha and Mahalo” to our soon-to-be departing VEOP flight attendants. Mahalo for everything you have done for our flight attendant group. [...]

As the month of September winds down we’d like to express our heartfelt “Aloha and Mahalo” to our soon-to-be departing VEOP flight attendants. Mahalo for everything you have done for our flight attendant group. Making the life-changing decision back in 2020 to separate from Hawaiian Airlines in just a few short weeks must have been exceedingly difficult. Thanks to every one of you [...]

September 15th marked the beginning of a month-long celebration of the histories, cultures, contributions, and achievements of Hispanic Americans to the United States. Earlier this month, the AFA Executive Board passed a resolution recognizing Hispanic-Latinx Flight Attendants and Americans contributions and influence to the history, culture, and achievements [...]

As the Covid-19 virus continues to spread via the Delta variant, airlines are moving toward requiring vaccinations for all their employees. The courts and the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) have clearly stated that employers can require vaccination as a condition of employment without the union's approval. The pandemic has been challenging to everyone in different ways and making [...]

Many of you have expressed concern about the recent news regarding a whistleblower lawsuit against the company. Please know that it is of the utmost importance for us to safeguard and respect any employees, including Flight Attendants, who may be mentioned in this lawsuit. The AFA leadership is committed to protecting the confidentiality for any of the cases whether the Flight Attendant sought representation [...]

Aviation security is personal to us. No matter the uniform we wear, the routes we fly, or the years we have worn our wings we will always remember the events of September 11th, lift up our heroes and do everything in our power to ensure the events are never repeated. Everything changed twenty years ago on September 11, 2001. We are not only first responders to emergencies affecting the health [...]

“CRAF” is an acronym for Civil Reserve Air Fleet and is a unique yet significant part of the nation’s air mobility resources. Select U.S. airlines, contractually committed to CRAF, augment the Department of Defense (DOD) airlift requirements in emergencies when the need for airlift exceeds the capacity of military aircraft. The airlines contractually pledge aircraft to the various [...]

August 2021 Communications

In recent weeks, we have been experiencing an increase of COVID exposures that are forcing crew members to quarantine, for up to 10 days, unexpectedly away from domicile, on the mainland, and on the neighbor islands. These guidelines are in accordance with FAA (SAFO) and CDC recommendations. Please keep in mind when leaving for work, wherever you may be [...]

Today, the US Government has announced the activation of the Civil Reserve Air Fleet (CRAF). This allows the government to use civilian aircraft when the need for aircraft exceeds the capability of military aircraft. This is the third time in history where CRAF has been activated. The first was in 1990-1991 supporting Operations Desert Shield/Storm. The second was in 2002-2003 to [...]

There has been a major disruption to CWA hardware phone lines, and this has interrupted use of contact numbers for AFA-CWA International office. A replacement phone number has been created to get in contact with AFA International EAP, Membership and Safety Departments. Please save the following number: 844-232-2228 [...]

July 2021 Communications

June 2021 Communications

Across the nation, we are beginning to see things return to what seems to be “normal.” While we are getting closer to the other side of the pandemic, the crew layover quarantine rules outlined in Hawaiian Airlines Policy still apply and must be followed until we have been notified they are no longer in place and being enforced. In addition to violating company policy, we can also be infringing [...]

The Association of Flight Attendants-CWA supports all LGBTQ+ Flight Attendants and workers as we fight for protection on the job and in our communities. AFA’s mission is to unite all Flight Attendants and promote equality and employment for all, regardless of race, color, creed, sexual orientation, gender identity and gender expression. This has been codified in our [...]

May 2021 Communications

With the June 1st date for return to service fast approaching, we have gotten inquiries into what was agreed to between AFA and the company especially regarding the revised service on the A321. After discussions with the company and consulting with members of the Negotiating Committee (NC), we have outlined the primary topics of inquiry in the hope this will provide clarification. [...]

On June 1st we will welcome back the approximately 180 Flight Attendants brought back early from leaves to cover the increase in flying to our flight schedule. We know the recall/cancellation of your leaves and low-time lines ahead of the expected duration was unexpected, and we appreciate the thought and sacrifice that went into the tough decisions made at the time to [...]

On May 13-14, 2021 the Association of Flight Attendants-CWA held the forty-eighth Board of Directors Meeting. This annual meeting is usually in person but due to COVID restrictions this year, it was conducted virtually. While doing business virtually had some challenges, and we missed gathering with our AFA peers, we were successful in completing [...]

Celebrating Asian American And Pacific Islander Heritage Month And Returning To Original Bidding Timelines

Posted: May 12, 2021

May is Asian American Pacific Islander Heritage Month – a celebration of the contributions and heritage of Asians and Pacific Islanders in the United States. Asian American Pacific Islander (“AAPI”) is a very broad term since there are approximately 60 different and distinct ethnicities within that categorization. Every year, this is an opportunity to listen and learn about the [...]

Today we celebrate the people in our lives who have helped to guide, support, inspire, nurture, care and love us. And within our Flight Attendant `Ohana, the women who have shaped this career into one that offers flexibility, growth, independence, and a sense of being. Thank you for “mothering” many of us as we started our journey here at Hawaiian Airlines [...]

We know the recall/cancellation of the Covid-19 and 16.L. leaves and low-time lines ahead of the expected duration was unexpected, and we want to say we appreciate the thought and sacrifice that went into the tough decision at the time to take a leave to help both the company and reduce involuntary furloughs. If you are one of the 180 Flight Attendants that received a notification [...]

April 2021 Communications

Good news from our AFA Interactive updates! The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) and Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) continue to back us up on the plane with mask mandate enforcement and zero tolerance for failure to comply or interfere with our duties. Earlier today, the TSA announced it is extending the mask enforcement directive to September 13, 2021 [...]

The Association of Flight Attendants-CWA has continued to advocate for Flight Attendants to be included with other essential workers in priority groups since the first vaccines were approved. The CDC announced that it’s safe for fully vaccinated (and masked!) people to travel, and we’re already seeing significantly higher passenger volumes [...]

As you know the company has announced the necessity to cancel approximately 180 COVID/16.L. leaves/low-time lines as we head into the traditionally busy summer season and to cover the increase of flying to our flight schedule. The 16.L. Payroll Support Program (PSP) 3

Contingency Letter of Agreement outlines the process of offering a return to work before recalling or cancelling [...]

In the MEC Communication published on April 14, we addressed the company’s announcement offering a “return to work” option for all FAs on 16L/COVID leaves/low-time lines to return to active status in June due to the increase in our flight schedule and the need for more staffing. Per the Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) and Payroll Support Program (PSP) 3 Contingency [...]

Our MEC Zoom Briefing has been rescheduled for Friday, April 16, 2021 @ 10:00 HST/13:00 PDT to present the provisions of the 16.L. Payroll Support Program (PSP) 3 Contingency Letter of Agreement (PSP 3 LOA) and answer your questions. We apologize for the last-minute cancellation of Monday’s Zoom briefing due to unforeseen circumstances. Thank you for your patience [...]

Aloha Flight Attendants, The MEC will reschedule this meeting due to an unforeseen event. We will, however, share the actual presentation with you to review. When we do have our rescheduled meeting, we will be able to provide greater insight to the changes and rationale for the PSP 3.0 Contingency Plan. Thank you for your patience and understanding! If you have any questions, please feel free to submit them at Mahalo, Joni, Scott, Chasity, Jaci, Josh and the entire AFA Leadership [...]

With the March 11, 2021 passage of the American Rescue Plan with extension of the Payroll Support Program that averts all involuntary furloughs during the period of April 1-September 30, 2021, the Association of Flight Attendants (AFA) and the company have been in discussions working on an updated Letter of Agreement (LOA) that addresses the needs of our Flight Attendants [...]

March 2021 Communications

As we head into the month of April, a friendly reminder that we will return to the original bidding timeline outlined in Section 10 of the Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) for the bid month of May 2021. This means the bid packet for May 2021 will reflect the timeline as follows: 10th- PBS Bidding Opens 13th- 1st Practice Bid Award 15th- 2nd Practice Bid Award [...]

AFA SCHOLARSHIP The deadline to apply for the AFA Scholarship is April 10, 2021. Applications must be postmarked by April 10, and sent to the following address: AFA Scholarship Fund P.O. Box 56 Hartwood, VA 22471-0056 An application form is attached, and more detailed information pertaining to eligibility guidelines and application requirements are on the [...]

After months of work and tireless hours, we are pleased to share our refreshed AFA website. We’d like to take a moment to acknowledge our MEC Communications Chair Andrew Ferreira, who has spent hours studying other AFA websites, working with website designers and then partnering with the MEC leadership. The refreshed website will be available on April 1, 2021 at noon [...]

Hate against the Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) communities has risen during the COVID-19 pandemic, partially stemming from rhetoric surrounding the origination of the coronavirus. Earlier this week eight people, six of whom were Asian women, were killed in the Atlanta shootings at three spas. This incident has shaken many in the AAPI community, including Flight Attendants. [...]

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! As we head into Spring we can look forward to the launch of our new routes, an increasing number of vaccinations in Hawaii and on the mainland, and the renewed demand for travelers to take a tropical vacation to the Hawaiian Islands. We can see light at the end of the [...]

PSP Extended! Congress passed the American Rescue Plan (ARP) extending the Payroll Support Program (PSP) and securing job protections and healthcare for all aviation workers through September 30, 2021! PSP is important to stop furloughs now, but there are protections for all aviation workers: no cuts to hourly pay, continued service to all communities, caps executive [...]

The American Rescue Plan with the extension of the Payroll Support Program (PSP) was passed late last Friday by the House and now it is in the hands of the Senate. Although everything remains on track; we need your help to #extendPSP to ensure all flight attendants stay connected to pay and benefits through the end of September and avert all furloughs. Call your Senators every day this week! [...]

February 2021 Communications

As February comes to an end, we want to remind everyone the last Ratification Bonus payment will be in the upcoming March 7 pay period. Additionally, FAs that have been out on any kind of leave of absence, COVID leave or Voluntary Furlough and have had payments suspended while out on leave will have the full Ratification Bonus balance or remaining [...]

The AFA continues to advocate for the extension of the Payroll Support Program. As we move towards another possible furlough beginning on April 1, the MEC would like to reiterate the importance of calling your Senators and Representatives to support the passage of the American Rescue Plan. If the PSP passes, the involuntary furloughs of [...]

Last Friday the AFA did a presentation of the Inflight Commuter Policy negotiated in the April 2020 Collective Bargaining Agreement. A few questions came up from members and we were able to get clarification from the company on some of the issues brought forward: • If you are a Reserve FA and are registered as a Commuter Flight Attendant, you can utilize the policy to commute to base to begin your Reserve Availability Period (RAP) in addition to [...]

There is a lot going on in the month of February. To help lessen the confusion as to the different types of leaves and bidding timelines, we have provided a chart for the timelines and descriptions of each leave. As you will see, there will be another round of VEOP’s (Voluntary Early Out Program) and [...]

THIS LETTER OF AGREEMENT is made and entered into in accordance with the Railway Labor Act, as amended, by and between Hawaiian Airlines, Inc., hereinafter referred to as the "Company ," and the Flight Attendants in the Service of Hawaiian Airlines, Inc. , as represented by the Association of Flight Attendants-CWA, AFL-CIO, hereinafter referred to as the "Association ," and jointly, hereinafter referred to as the "Parties." [...]

January 2021 Communications

As you all know WARN notices were just sent out to 700 of our flight attendant group due to the possibility of impending furloughs beginning April 1. While the AFA will do all we can to mitigate any involuntary furloughs with voluntary options, an extension of the Payroll Support Program (PSP) is the best way to not only providing continued paychecks, but also [...]

Many of you have received the company emails speaking to the next round of WARN Notices. WARN Notices will be sent out to hundreds of Flight Attendants and other company employees. As we have done last year, the AFA is working with the company on abating the number of furloughs through the COVID LOA, next round [...]

Please know that this has been a roller-coaster week for many of us. With the vaccination supply limits, much anticipated return of our Involuntarily Furloughed (IVF) Flight Attendants to the outlook for our Spring and Summer schedule, there is a lot going on. [...]

The Association of Flight Attendants (AFA-CWA) has joined the company in putting out the attached communication that contains important information on the COVID-19 vaccine. The communication also contains a Q&A that addresses many frequently asked [...]

We know that many of you have raised questions about how to schedule a COVID-19 vaccination so we wanted to address your questions. While the flu vaccine is available in the open market, the COVID-19 vaccine can be purchased only by the Federal government, which then allocates the vaccine to the states based upon population. Each state sets its own delivery protocol. In the short term, this means the Company cannot act independently [...]

We have retooled our MOB meetings to reflect the changes we have ahead of us. Our next meeting will welcome all MOB volunteers, review our MOB commitment and discuss upcoming items that our Flight Attendant group will face. We intend on finalizing our agenda at least 3 days prior to the meeting date and will email you with the Zoom information. In the meantime, we are grateful that many of [...]

Many of our Flight Attendants have been asking if the AFA-CWA is making arrangements for our members to get vaccinated. Vaccinations are coordinated between the State and Federal governments with the assistance of various local health outlets. The AFA-CWA is not involved with any coordination efforts. We believe that it is each individual member’s choice to get vaccinated. If you [...]

We hosted a Payroll Support Program (PSP) informational meeting for our membership on Friday, January 15, 2021. As prefaced at the start of our meeting, there has been a lot of moving parts and although we will do our best to answer all questions, there may be some that needs redirecting to the company or even respective state Unemployment Insurance offices. We had a solid showing of Flight Attendants who asked thoughtful and important questions. Attached please find the video file that we [...]

The company has worked with the AFA-CWA to effect the Payroll Support Program extension and sent our involuntarily furloughed Flight Attendants and those who chose the 16.L Off-set Furlough leaves letters. Many of you will have questions that we believe will be addressed and answered in the company’s communications. However, we would like to host a membership meeting for [...]

AFA lobbied unceasingly with Congressional members’ unrelenting inactions to finally get the COVID Payroll Support Program (PSP) extension across the finish line. We persevered! What does this mean? Hawaiian Airlines will now get payroll assistance - just like last time - and will be required to offer recall to the 155 involuntarily furloughed (IVF) Flight Attendants. Accepting the PSP money means [...]

Please click here to view a message from your AFA Leadership [...]

December 2020 Communications

On December 27th the Relief Bill was signed by the President and is now law. Included in the Relief Bill is an extension of the Payroll Support Program (PSP) requiring that all involuntarily furloughed Flight Attendants be offered recall to active status effective December 2020 through the end of March 2021 [...]

The following items arose in the past week; these issues are operational updates or contractual reminders that are pertinent to the group. A321 UPDATES Please know that as of January 1, 2021, all outbound flights will reduce from five (5) Flight Attendants to four (4). We know that this will be an adjustment for many of you; thank you for your patience. CBA Reference: Section 7. Hours of Service, C. Duty Periods [pages 7-5 and 7-7] Please refer to the company’s new Quick Reference Guides to follow [...]

We could not let this day go by without wishing all of you Merry Christmas and hope that everyone is enjoying the holiday season! During this special time of year, we want to make sure you know how much we appreciate your support through all the ups and downs, uncertainties and challenges this past year has brought us. Whether you [...]

As you all know, the Coronavirus Relief Bill containing the Airline Payroll Support Program (PSP) was passed by both the US Congress and US Senate. We want to thank our MEC Government Affairs Chair, Rick Schwabauer, and his amazing volunteer recruits for their relentless efforts! Many may not [...]

It has come to our attention there has been an increase of sick calls by Reserve Flight Attendants after Crew Scheduling has given an assignment. The company has included Reserve reminders in the January 2021 bid packet. Since we have many Flight Attendants who are unfamiliar with Reserve guidelines, it is recommended to review this important information. [...]

Media has been covering the recent movement of the Payroll Support Program these past weeks. As such, many of you will have questions in terms of how it will impact our Flight Attendant group. Our immediate understanding is that the pay and furlough protections could be effective retroactive from December 1, 2020 through March 31, 2021. [...]

In the MEC Communication published yesterday, we would like to make a clarification to the paragraph regarding Vacation Cancellation Makeup. If you cancel your vacation after monthly bidding is closed, a Flight Attendant shall be available for make up for time lost due to cancellation. Trips may be selected from open time or by assignment by Crew Scheduling and printed on the Daily [...]

The following items arose in the past week. Most of them are contractual updates or reminders that is pertinent to the group. HOLIDAY PAY This is a friendly reminder for our Flight Attendants who are scheduled or assigned to work on the holidays. Section 3. Compensation, L. Holiday Pay In addition to all other compensation earned while on duty on January 1st [...]

The year is quickly coming to a close and we are looking forward to the new year! With just a few weeks remaining, please make note of these items. A321 STAFFING & SERVICE - reminder The Airbus A321 staffing will be reduced effective Friday, January 1, 2021. The staffing reduction is paired with the streamlining of our service. Please know [...]

It’s been brought to our attention that there may be some confusion around the possibility of Covid-19 leaves being cancelled stemming from the company’s communication published yesterday December 3rd. Currently, the types of leaves flight attendants can be on are as follows: • 6-month Covid-19 leaves • July 2020 to December 2020 • August 2020 to January 2021 [...]

As we head into December, we want to wish everyone a safe and happy holiday season. Our flights have started to fill up, and our flying schedule has increased except for travel to the Island of Kauaʻi. Onboard social distancing on all our flights is scheduled to end on December 16th. Heading into the busy travel season, we want to pass along some important [...]

November 2020 Communications

We’d like to wish our Hawaiian Airlines Flight Attendant ‘Ohana a Happy Thanksgiving! We are grateful for your continued support, hard work and dedication. We know that this past year has been challenging, and we hope the coming months and year bring more certain times for all of us. Sending our best wishes for a safe, restful and enjoyable holiday! [...]

With the holidays fast upon us, there is a lot going on. This is a reminder of some of the time-sensitive items coming up. HA OPEN ENROLLMENT – ends Tuesday, November 24 at 800 pm/HST If you are interested in learning more and changing your options for your medical/dental plans, Pass Travel (Inner Circle), and adjusting your Flexible Spending account, please go [...]

Dear Furloughed Flight Attendants, As you know there was recently an error by Hawaiian Airlines in the administration of your medical benefits during the company-provided 60-day period per the Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA). The company informed the AFA that it was due to a “system error” and when they became aware of the issue they worked to correct and [...]

We observe this Veterans Day with appreciation for those who have served and those who continue to serve, especially our own AFA Member Veterans and all of their families who support them. We are honored to fly with you. Please take time. Please take time today to stop and think of our Veterans and their families. [...]

As many of you know, the company recently announced suspension of service of ‘Ohana by Hawaiian. However, the US Department of Transportation (DOT) requires continued service for at least 90 days following notification of intent to suspend service because flying to Moloka'i and Lana'i is considered “essential air service”. Because of [...]

As our flights finally start to fill up with tourists heading to paradise for a tropical vacation, we want to make sure everyone is aware of these guidelines still in place: ● Onboard Distancing Passenger Seat Restrictions Onboard distancing with passenger seating on our aircraft is still in place through December 15, 2020. The company is monitoring bookings as we head into the holiday travel season and will possibly make the decision to lift the onboard distancing while seated on the aircraft effective [...]

October 2020 Communications

It has been quite busy these past weeks as we hope for the Payroll Support Program (PSP) extension. We still remain hopeful. Should the PSP pass, there will be a lot of work and coordination to return our Involuntarily Furloughed Flight Attendants and effect the new COVID LOA portion in transitioning 16L Flight Attendants. [...]

Please note that there were two typographical errors in our MEC Communication: 1) The communication was dated October 22 rather than today’s date of October 23, 2020 2) Our MEC Zoom will be this coming Monday, October 26, 2020 starting at 1200 pm/HST [...]

Thank you for your patience while AFA and the Company finalized the language of the COVID-19 Letter of Agreement (LOA). We intended to provide this information sooner however, pouring over the details of anything signed and agreed upon takes time. COVID LETTER OF AGREEMENT SUMMARY Duration: 1 Year, October (for November [...]

As you may know, the company has been aggressively seeking out charter flights to help bolster revenue. One of the more recent successes is securing military charters in Japan. Depending on the schedule, there are occasions when the company has more than 7 days to notify the membership. Then, there are moments where [...]

Earlier today, our International Office called for a Special Board of Directors meeting via Zoom. Of the more than 100 participants - INTL, MEC and LEC officers - the Local Executive Council Presidents unanimously voted for #ReliefNOW resolution. The following are resolution highlights: WHEREAS, there is nearly unanimous bipartisan support to extend this program [...]

Please know that after lengthy discussions, the company and AFA has reached an agreement in principle for a new COVID Letter of Agreement (LOA) starting November 2020. We are finalizing the details and hope to present the LOA, in its entirety, to the membership next week. This new LOA will preserve many [...]

As of today, please note that we will not have a Friday Zoom meeting. If you have questions or feedback, please use our MEC Communication link Payroll Support Program (PSP) Some of you may have seen/heard the news that US President Donald Trump killed the extension of the Payroll Support Program with a single tweet earlier today [...]

September 2020 Communications

Tomorrow, October 1st, 2020, will be a difficult day for us all as we lose part of our membership. Regardless of whether your separation from Hawaiian Airlines is voluntary or involuntary, it cannot make this day any easier. Whether your separation from Hawaiian Airlines is of your choosing, it is a life changing event – you will be missed, our membership will never be the same. [...]

As some of you know or may have experienced there were a few mix-ups in the letters the company sent out to the Voluntary Early Out Program (VEOP) Flight Attendants as well as to the rescinded involuntarily furlough (IVF) Flight Attendants. The AFA was informed it was due to a printing error which was corrected, and the letters were re-sent this past [...]

As the second round of the Voluntary Early Out Program and 16L Offset Leaves have closed, we have been waiting for the past few days for updated information from the company on final numbers. Here are totals from both rounds we have gotten so far: • Voluntary Early Out Program (VEOP) – 109 • 16L Offset Leaves – 554.5 (2 low-time FAs = 1 full-time FA) • COVID LOAs [...]

As we approach the anniversary of September 11th, many of us will begin to plan how we’ll recognize this day. Anniversaries offer an opportunity to acknowledge our memories and experiences, to connect with others who share in them, and to pay tribute to our individual and collective [...]

This is our day! Fought for and won by Unions. Our AFA International President passionately breaks down the true meaning for us. "This U.S. holiday is a celebration of working women and men joining together to collectively bargain for a fair wage, humane schedules, health and safety on the job, and benefits that allow us to care for [...]