MEC President

Joni Kashiwai

MEC Voting Member

AFA Board of Directors Member

Ex-Officio of Negotiating Committee

AFA-CWA Executive Board Member

Grievance Committee Member

    I'm a 35-year flight attendant and have been based in SFO, PHL, and LAX. I started doing union work in 2002 as the LEC Secretary, then 9 years as LEC President and the last 6 years as MEC Secretary/Treasurer.


As this new chapter for me begins another one ends — I want to take a few minutes to thank Sharon Soper our fearless leader who has been the MEC President the entire time I’ve been a flight attendant!  Thank you for your leadership, inspiration, and all you have done for our flight attendant group. To say that I’m stepping into big shoes is an understatement!


This is a challenging, uncertain time for our company and the airline industry as a whole but I’m reassured by the experienced leaders I have standing alongside me supporting and working for all of us. I look forward to the opportunity of continuing to serve the membership.

Work Cell: (310) 293-7159

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Scott 2.jpg

MEC Vice President

Scott Henton


    Scott was hired in June 1987. He flew in the Inter-Island operation for a year then worked as an inflight manager for the next two years. After that, he went back to flying and was approached to help with the local grievance committee in 1990. Little did he know he would be doing grievance work ever since.

He has worked as the LEC and MEC grievance chairs and currently still holds the MEC Grievance Chair position. Over the years Scott has been elected to several officer positions, including LEC VP and MEC VP over the last 23 years. 


His drive is our contract -- the quality of life it brings us, the preservation of its integrity, and its benefits are the number one priority of the MEC.

Work Cell: (808) 222-1952 

Chasity pic3.jpg


Secretary / Treasurer

Chasity Theno


    I currently live in Las Vegas, Nevada. I have been with my husband for almost 10 years, we have 2 amazing kids, my son (9) and daughter (5). Also part of our family, we have a Cocker Spaniel and 2 Desert Tortoises. My family and I are huge NFL Raider fans and are ecstatic that they moved to where I live.


I have been with Hawaiian Airlines for 10 years, 2 years as a Contract Service Agent, and 8 years as a Flight Attendant. I started union work as a Reserve Liaison and shortly after joined the Grievance Committee. Worked as a member of the Grievance Committee for a few years and then became a LEC 43 Co-Chair for the Grievance Committee.


As your new MEC Secretary, I look forward to working with the other MEC Officers and LEC leaders to improve the life of flight attendants here at Hawaiian Airlines.

Work Cell: (808) 277-6511