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Council 43 Calendar

Our Schedule

We have designed our schedule to be flexible and cover different calendar days.  For the most part, our Representatives are in the Koapaka LEC Office or Flight Attendant Lounge depending on the work at hand.  There are occasions when we have meetings or training so we are not available, but our whereabouts are accounted for.


Our shifts are 4 or 8-hour blocks in any of the locations, but we also volunteer our time outside of our office hours.

Regardless of where we are, please do not hesitate to call, text or e-mail us.  We will get back to you as soon as we can. Please also bear with us as we - on occasion - need to modify our office hours depending on last-minute adjustments to our schedules. 


Thank you for your patience and understanding!


Calendar Key:  names, committees and color codes

  • JSC:                 Jaci-Ann S. Chung, LEC President [sky blue]

  • Kahea:             Nadene "Kahea" Ching, LEC Vice President [pink]

  • Kerri:                Kerri Chow, LEC Secretary [salmon]

  • ASHS:              Air Safety, Health, and Security Committee [salmon]

  • EAP:                Employee Assistance Program Committee [green]

  • M & B:              Membership and Benefits Committee [yellow]

  • SCR:                Scheduling Clarifications Review and Grievance Committee [orange]


Location Key:


  • g:         Garden Office or Flight Attendant Lounge 

  • k:         Koapaka LEC Office



* To view the schedule for a different month, click on the directional arrow in the calendar below.

* Each AFA Representative has the option of working an 8-hour or two (2) 4-hour days for every AFA workday. 

  Brackets indicate a second 4-hour day.

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