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Questions and Answers! - These questions are based on the calls, texts, and emails that we receive.  Often times, we will get the same inquiry from different Flight Attendants.  Therefore, we believe it is important to share it with the group and we do our best to update this page when we can.

CAVEAT - 4.3.20

The company is providing employee resources through their own platforms. We hyperlinked them here for your convenience.  Please note that their information will supersede what we have here in our Q & A; the primary reason is that the company administers leaves (LOA), Voluntary Furloughs (VFs) and also handles your pay and benefits.

COVID-19 Temporary Contract Modification Leaves and Voluntary Furloughs

Hawaiian Airlines, Frequently Asked Questions:

Q & A - 3.24.20


Q: Is the company considering offering a retirement incentive that may off-set costs in the mid and long-term haul?
A:  The AFA is not part of these discussions so we have no knowledge of the company's mid and long-term planning.  Of note, in the company's webcast today, they continued to message that they hope to weather this storm without having to involuntarily furlough any employee.


Q:   I am currently on leave.  Am I able to apply for any of the COVID-19 Temporary Contract Modification options?  
A:  Any leave changes need to be made through Inflight Absence Management and Human Resources.  Please reach out to them immediately to discuss your options.  If they can change your status, you can hopefully bid for the available options.  Your time is limited so please act quickly!


Q: The last bid packet said Hawaiian is looking for 550 volunteers for LOA/furlough. Has that number changed since the cancellation of our flights after the 14-day quarantine announcement?

A:  To our knowledge, the company has not changed that number.  We will operate off that number until. otherwise advised by the company.


Q: Do I bid off the old or new April bid packet? 
A:  Please bid using the April 2020 REVISED bid packet dated March 20, 2020.


Q: Since the company is adjusting the flight schedule, are we pay protected for a canceled flight?
A:  Yes, you are pay protected for a canceled flight.  However, it is important to know that the company is constantly re-evaluating the flight schedule.  In the company webcast today, President/CEO Peter Ingram said that they are looking at what flights may need to be active.  So it is important to be aware that the schedule can change with little notice. 


Q:  You said yesterday that NGP was going to give us an update today.  Where is it?
A:  NGP has been working out a special arrangement with CAIC for AFA-CWA members.  As such, there have been strides and we hope that NGP will provide us more information as soon as they can!


Q: Are the bi-weekly emotional comfort calls for Flight Attendants recorded? 
A:  No, these calls are not recorded.  The emotional comfort calls are designed to help support Flight Attendants who want to share their feelings about their experiences in a safe place.

Q & A – 3.23.20


Q:  I am currently on a leave through December.  Am I able to return early and then apply for the voluntary furlough?
A:  The company confirmed that leaves cannot overlap.  According to them, yes, you can return early (by April 1, 2020) and be eligible for the COVID-19 Temporary Contract Modification (16.L) options.  If you would like to know more about this, you should immediately contact either Inflight Absence Management or Human Resources (Leave of Absence).

Q:  In what order is the company awarding the Leaves, Low Time Lines and Voluntary Furloughs?
A:  Due to our Letter of Agreement signed March 18, 2020, the order is per seniority order and NOT by category.  [It is based on seniority order only.]  For example, Flight Attendant #25 applies for Voluntary Furlough.  And Flight Attendant #243 applies for a Low Time Line.  Then Flight Attendant #1253 applies for a one-month leave.  All options are awarded in seniority order and have nothing to do with the category requested.  

Please also note that the total number of slots the company is looking to fill is 550 in HNL and 40 in LAX.  Each Leave is one slot.  And each Voluntary Furlough is another slot.  However, two (2) Low Time Lines equals one slot.  

Q:  The next (follow-up) question FAs ask, “If the company doesn’t fill all 550 slots (40 in LAX), will they Involuntarily Furlough from the bottom-up (inverse seniority)?”  
A:  There is specific language in the CBA where the company is required to provide 30 days notice before such action.

Q:  Can I put my order of preference in the on-line application?
A:  Yes.  [Similar to recurrent bidding where bid according to your preference

Q:  Can probationary Flight Attendants apply for the April 2020 Leave, Low Time line or Voluntary Furlough?
A:  Yes.

Q:  After two months can we extend our Leave?
A:  The side-letter renews automatically but not your Leave, Low Time Line or Voluntary Furlough.  The letter renews after two months unless either party provides notice to the contrary, but at the end of your LOA/LTL/VF, you are returned to active duty unless you have been awarded a subsequent leave.

Q:  If we stay with our awarded bid for April, will we be pay protected?
A:  Each Flight Attendant is guaranteed his/her bid or Reserve line.


INVOLUNTARY FURLOUGH (Section 16. Reduction in Force)

Q:  What is the medical coverage for Involuntary Furlough?
A:  Per section 16. Reduction in Force, the company covers the first 60-days of medical coverage.  After that, if the employee wants to continue with her/his plan, s/he would pay for the entire premium (employer AND employee portions).

Q:  Can the company Involuntarily Furlough us even though we are still in negotiations?
A:  Regardless of the status of our negotiations, the company can still Involuntarily Furlough Flight Attendants.


C:  I heard that the company has announced that Leaves (1 – 2 months) and Voluntary Furloughs can apply for unemployment.
A:  According to the company’s most recent communication, that appears to be the case.

Q:  The unemployment site isn't working, what do I do? And, is there paperwork I can mail in if their system is crashing?
A:  You will need to ask the Department of Labor.  The AFA does not administer or interpret unemployment language or advise on their practices and processes.

Q:  Can I claim unemployment if I am employed part-time elsewhere?  
A:  You will need to ask the Department of Labor.  The AFA does not administer or interpret unemployment language or advise on their practices and processes.

Q:  If I was granted to return to work based on the hardship, will I get denied unemployment?  
A:  You will need to ask the Department of Labor.  The AFA does not administer or interpret unemployment language or advise on their practices and processes.

Q:  If I take the Voluntary Furlough or Leave, how do I ensure that my monthly payments are being made to NGP?
A:  We have been working with NGP and they are, in turn, working with CAIC on some solutions.  They are hoping to get back to us by tomorrow afternoon.  Please look for an update shortly!


Q:  My March schedule looks like it changed and now I have less credit than I'm supposed to. What happened?
A:  The cancellations for this week are in so the flights will show with less credit because the system does not see a flight there.  Crew scheduling is working through the cancellations now so it should be corrected, hopefully, by tonight.
C:  I am not getting the MEC emails.  I thought I gave you my current personal email address.
A:  Please accept our apologies as we have received “bounce backs” for several emails.  We are currently working to see if we can fix this problem especially since we do not know why it is occurring.  In the meantime, please know that the MEC updates are posted on the  We tandem post our emails so you can access that information 24/7.

Q:  Are we still required to service juice and coffee on our inter-island flights?
A:  Unless the company directs us otherwise, please continue to do our service as prescribed by the company.


MEC Q & A – 3.21.20
Some of these questions were previously answered in a MEC Q&A or PBS/AFA memo. Flight Attendants are reminded to review all available materials before contacting the AFA to reduce redundancy.  Also, questions regarding unemployment, except for those related to our contract, should be directed to the Department of Labor, in order to avoid Flight Attendants relying on our assertions about them actually receiving unemployment benefits. We can only speak to what the contract provides.


Q:  I am confused.  The company asked for relief in April and May but the Voluntary Furlough is a 6-month period.  Isn’t that longer than April and May?
A:  Our AFA Contract states that Voluntary Furloughs must be in a 6-month period. The company can always recall the VFs with a 30-day notice if they’re needed back sooner.

Q:  Does anyone know how many slots they are offering for Leaves, Low Time and Voluntary Furlough?
A:  550 for HNL and 40 for LAX. The company looks at the combination of Leaves, Voluntary Furloughs and Low Time.

Q:  How will we know what we are getting if we are bidding for both a schedule and a leave?
A:  You will know when the final award is posted at 1200 HST on March 27, 2020. All offset leaves will be awarded first and then the bids will be run so everyone should make sure they bid in PBS.

Q:  If they do not fill the 550 slots that they are looking for, what happens after that?  Do they start Involuntary Furlough?
A:  The company will have to assess the situation and make that call

Q:  It looks like the company is only offering 550 Voluntary Furlough slots.  How many 1 – 2 month Leaves and Low Time Lines are they offering?
A:  The company will make the decision of the mix based on their needs at the time of the PBS Award.

Q:  In the contract, it says that the company needs to give 30 days' notice before furloughing.  Is it different because this is a different situation?
A:  It is 30 days notice or 30 days of pay.

Q:  If there is a 40% reduction in our flight schedule, is there a 40% reduction in our staffing?
A:  Not necessarily. It will depend on which flights and what equipment will be needed.

Q: So would we take the number of Flight Attendants and then deduct 550 from the bottom for involuntary furloughs?
A:  The offset leaves would be subtracted first, then it’s up to the company to decide how many involuntary (forced) furloughs will be needed.  As a reminder, President/CEO messaged both in this week’s webcast and again in today’s press conference that the company is doing everything they can to prevent Involuntary Furloughs.

Q:  Can I apply for another job while on Voluntary Furlough?
A:  Yes.

Q:  If I am on a 1 – 2-month Leave or Voluntary Furlough, do I need to give up my AOA badge and Crew ID?
A:  It’s best to ask your Inflight manager for policy and legal clarification.  There is also information on the company website.  [The company has recently indicated that they are working with the DOT (AOA badge).]

Q:  If I am on Voluntary Furlough, how can I continue my International (IPS) parking so I don’t lose it?
A:  This question was posed to President/CEO Peter Ingram in this week’s webcast.  The company is looking into that and will provide an answer.  However, it is always best to check with your Inflight manager.

Q:  If I am on Voluntary Furlough, how do I continue to pay for my National Group Protection (NGP) optional insurance plans?
A:  We are working with NGP and they are, in turn, meeting with CAIC.  They will get back to us early next week on how to best proceed.

Q:  Do you have an idea of how many people will take the Leave or Voluntary Furlough?
A:  No


Q:  What is our exact count on the Flight Attendant list?
A:  This can be found on the Navtech homepage under “Category Seniority.”

Q:  If the ratified contract is for 5 years, does it start now?  Or January 1, 2017?
A:  It would start on the official Date of Signing of the New Contract.

Q:  If there is a complete state-wide shutdown, are we pay protected for our bid?
A:  You will be pay protected for what you have currently been awarded in the final bid award.

Q:  The country is in a state of emergency and the president said we are at war (COVID-19).  Do we get hazard pay?
A:  No.

Q:  Why are we not getting hazard pay?
A:  It doesn’t meet the criteria of the Contract.

Q:  Can I fly non-revenue on Leave, Low Time or Voluntary Furlough?
A:  Yes, you will maintain your flying benefits on Hawaiian Airlines.  Other carriers may have different rules.  You can find a complete listing for non-revenue travel on other airlines at  Click on the OA (Other Airlines) tab. 

Q:  The State of Hawaii is planning to mandate a 14-day home quarantine for incoming residents and visitors.  Does this include Flight Attendants?
A:  We are considered “essential workers” and excluded from this order.

Q:  The State of California is now doing a stay home order.  What do the LAX-based Flight Attendants do?
A:  We are considered “essential workers” and excluded from this order.

Q:  Why are Flight Attendants exempt when everyone else has to stay at home (self-quarantine)?
A:  That’s how government agencies classify us.

Q:  Why is the company not complying with these state orders to stay at home?
A:  We are considered “essential workers” and excluded from this order.


NOTE:  Except for contract questions about unemployment, all other unemployment questions should be directed to the state department of labor unemployment insurance division:

Q:  What is unemployment?
A:  Unemployment insurance is administered by the state and is meant to provide workers with temporary financial assistance who lose their job through no fault of their own. In Hawaii, employers pay the costs of unemployment insurance through a payroll tax.

Q:  How do you apply for unemployment?
A:  Go to the Department of Labor webpage for Hawaii at

Earlier this week, the governor waived the one-week waiting period for benefits. If you have questions, you’re being asked to call the claims office nearest to you:

Oahu: 586-8970    Maui: 984-8400    Kauai: 274-3043  Hilo: 974-4086    Kona: 322-4822

Q:  How much can I qualify for?
A:  Go to the Department of Labor webpage for Hawaii at

Q:  If I am on Voluntary Furlough and file for unemployment, do I still have to look for a job for 6 months?
A:  Please confer with the Department of Labor.


MEC Q & A's 3.20.20

Q:  Difference between seniority and longevity.
A:  Seniority is one’s rank on the Flight Attendant roster based on Date of Hire.  Longevity is the number of years you actively work.


Q:  How does seniority affect pay?  And Longevity?
A:  Longevity is the one that really affects pay. If you actively worked for 10 years, but had been off-line for 3 years, your pay rate is based on the 7th year of the pay scale.


Q:  Crew scheduling said that the HNL slots is only for the 550 Voluntary Furloughs.
It this correct?
A:  550 is the number of people they want off the schedule, in some combination of Leaves, Low Time Lines and Voluntary Furloughs


Q:  Do I bid for a schedule, Leave or Low time because I don’t know what I am going to get?
A:  This is a difficult time for all of us and we are not able to predict how many people will apply for Leaves, Low Time or Voluntary Furloughs. Each individual must make that determination his/herself.  


Q:  What happens if I have a bid line or Reserve and April and the company cuts more flights.  Will I be able to take a Leave of Absence (LOA) or Voluntary Furlough (VF) at that point?
A:  If you are a Reserve Flight Attendant, you are going to be pay protected for the minimum guarantee.  Although it is set at 75 hours, it could improve based off or the language in II.3.B.  If we understand you correctly, if you want to take a Leave or Voluntary Furlough mid-month, that is not possible,  However, if it is opened again in May, then that is a possibility following the parameters set forth.


Q:  What state do I apply for unemployment if I am based in HNL but reside outside?
A:  You would apply for unemployment in the state that you are based out of.  So if you HNL is your base, then you would apply for unemployment in Hawaii.


Q:  Why can’t the company award the leaves BEFORE we bid?
A:  The difficulty is that we have no projection on who will volunteer to take a Leave, Voluntary Furlough or Low Time Flying.  In order to give our peers time to carefully weigh out their options during this unpredictable period, all Flight Attendants can put in a PBS bid not knowing who is going be awarded a Leave, Voluntary Furlough or even Low Time Flying.  We absolutely understand the concerns, but this process best helps people assess their options with the limited time that we have given the global crisis.


Q:  If the company doesn’t get 550 people volunteering, am I going to be furloughed?
A:  Our President/CEO shared in his webcast yesterday (3.19.20) that the company was taking every possible step to prevent involuntary furloughs.  If they believe things have changed for the worse and they do need to furlough, they must provide 30 days notice per our contract language.


Q:  I want to take a Voluntary Furlough, but am I able to get unemployment benefits?
A:  Yes.  You can apply for unemployment benefits and the company will not contest your application.


Q:  If I take a Leave of Absence, will the company continue to pay my dental and medical premiums?
A:  Yes.


Q:  How are the leaves awarded?
A:  Leaves, Low Time lines and Voluntary Furloughs are awarded by Flight Attendant preference, in order of Flight Attendant seniority.


Q:  If I take 2 months leave, but then encounter a hardship, am I able to return to work?
A:  The company handles hardships on a case-by-case basis.  That is under normal operations.  With everything that is going on, this is best asked of In-Flight Management.


Q:  Will we be able to apply for Leave or Voluntary Furlough at a later date, like May?
A:  This is a possibility.  With all that is going on in the world, things have been unpredictable.


Q:  I came from customer service.  If I am furloughed, can I return to that department?
A:  Please check with the IAM.  We believe that one factor is how long you have been in the In-Flight Department.


Q:  Can the company just extend us past the 6 months if they want to without giving us a choice???
A:  No.

Q:  Do I still get dental and medical for my family if I do the Voluntary Furlough?
A:  Yes.  The company will cover the plans that you were enrolled in prior to starting your Voluntary Furlough.

Q:  Am I able to return to work once the 6 months is up?  
A:  Yes.


Q:  Is the Voluntary Furlough available in 2 month blocks?
A:  No.  It is based on a 6-month block.

Q:  Any idea how much unemployment pays?
A:  There is a calculation based on your income that is available on-line.  What is available to you is specific to you so it is difficult to speak in broad terms.  It is best to work with the Unemployment Agency but please know that within the state, they have communicated that they were unprepared for the thousands of applications that have been coming in.  They said that they are currently working on how to improve their over-loaded system.

Q:  After the 6 months of furlough, at its expiration, can you elect to return instead of extend?
A:  As of this writing, this has not been discussed.  With things changing by the day, it is best to wait and see what happens as the next months unfold.

Q:  Can the company furlough me if I am on a Leave of Absence (LOA)?
A:  There is specific language outlining the steps for furloughing Flight Attendants.  The company needs to adhere to these protections in the contract.  Depending on the timeline and where you are in your leave, it is possible.  It is important to pay attention and understand the company communications.  Our President/CEO Peter Ingram addressed the employees yesterday in his webcast.  He affirmed that the company is doing everything they can to prevent involuntary furloughs.
Q:  At my seniority, is it better to take a voluntary furlough ahead of being involuntarily furloughed?
A:  It is really difficult to know what is happening day to day let alone in the next months or years.  President/CEO Peter Ingram has messaged that the company is doing all that they can to prevent involuntary furloughs company-wide.  Rather than immediately preparing for something that might not happen, please review what is available to you now and bid (or apply) accordingly.  This is a difficult time for all of us and we are not comfortable suggesting that a Flight Attendant do anything specific mostly because this is a personal choice for each individual. Involuntary Furlough does receive Furlough Pay based on years of service.  Read Section 16.M of our contract for more information.

Q:  What happens if you are on voluntary furlough and the company needs to use involuntary furlough while you are out?
A:  Your voluntary furlough gets converted to an involuntary furlough and all 16L provisions for involuntary furlough apply.

Q:  With all that is going on in our negotiations, is the contract applicable for the furlough language?
A:  Our contract is still in effect, in cases of conflict between the contract and the COVID-19 side-letter, the side-letter controls.

Q:  If the company cuts more flights in April, are we just going to get furloughed?
A:  We don't know but it's possible

Q:  Do I return my full medical coverage if I take the 1 – 2 month voluntary furlough?
A:  Voluntary Furlough is for 6 months and qualifies for company-paid medical coverage.  [It is NOT offered for 1 or 2 months.]

Q:  If I do the voluntary furlough for 6 months, does the company cover my full medical benefits?
A:  Since you are helping to off-set the furlough, yes, the company covers all dental and medical benefits that were intact before the leave.


Q:  If I am on OCC now, will my pay be impacted in any way by the insurance company?  Will those on OCC be forced into furlough?
A:  The company is working on addressing all Workman’s Comp issues during this time.  They have not gotten back to the AFA, but some Flight Attendants are reaching out directly to the Hawaiian Airlines Human Resources Department.

Q:   I choose to do COVID-testing on my own, will the company pay protect me? 
A:  This is a great question.  Please contact In-Flight Management as they can speak to this.

Q:  If choose to test on my own, am I obligated to notify the company that I am awaiting results?
A:  Again, please contact In-Flight Management so they can address this.

Q:  If I am on a voluntary furlough, am I able to use my flying benefits?
A:  Yes, you are able to maintain your flying benefits on Hawaiian Airlines.  Other carriers may have different rules.  You can find a complete listing on non-revenue travel on in the OA (Other Airlines) tab.  

Q:  Am I able to jumpseat while on leave or voluntary furlough?
A:  No, but you can pass travel on HA.  You cannot jumpseat on other airlines.

Q:   If I take a voluntary furlough (April through September), what are my dues obligations?
A:  You have to pay your dues for 90 days.

Q:  Do I have to pay my dues while on leave/furlough in order to vote? 
A:  All members are required to pay union dues for 90 days during leave.  Please ensure that you are current with your dues as this will ensure that you are able to participate in any voting in that duration.  You can pay your dues on-line:

Q:  If so, if my dues are automatically deducted, is someone going to send me a bill?
A:  If your dues are currently deducted and you take a Leave, you are responsible for dues the next 90 days.  Please ensure that you keep up with your monthly payments utilizing the link above.

Q:  If I am on maternity leave through mid-May, am I still able to apply for the Voluntary Furlough?
A:  Our understanding is that you have to complete your leave before applying for a new one.  We will look into this and if we learn different, we will get back to you.

Q:  What is the status for recurrent if I am on Leave or Voluntary Furlough?
A:   The company sent out a memo addressing this very question and you can find it on the ifs website.  If you are unable to go to recurrent because of Leave or Voluntary Furlough, please make arrangements with In-Flight training.  Communication is the key to ensuring that you are in compliance.


Q:  Can I vote on the TA while on leave/furlough?
A:  All members are required to pay 90 days of union dues during any leave.  During this period, you are able to vote on the ratification of our Tentative Agreement.  However, you will need to ensure that you are caught up in your payments.  One way to pay for your dues is on-line.


MEC Q & A's 3.19.20

Short-cuts: questions (Q), comments (C) and answers (A).


Q: What is the difference between Leave of Absence (LOA) and voluntary
furlough (VF)?

A: LOA: 1 or 2 months, cannot qualify for unemployment benefits
VF: 6 months, qualifies for unemployment benefits

Q: Is there an explanation of each type of leave?
A: You can find the information in CBA Section 16 (Reduction in Force, aka
Furlough/Voluntary Furlough)

Q: Are the leaves for months or years?
A: We don't know at this point, but the side-letter is for two months and can be renewed.

Q: How long is the voluntary furlough? How long is the leave? Is there a 6-month

A: The company asked AFA, ALPA, and IAM for staffing relief this April and May. There is
also the possibility to extend this by 2 months (possibly for June and July).

Q: Can we apply for unemployment?
A: Yes, under voluntary furlough (VF).
C: My attorney who practices labor law said that voluntary furloughs cannot apply
for unemployment.

A: You can apply for unemployment and HA will not contest a Flight Attendant claim for
unemployment benefits if the FA is on voluntary furlough (VF).

Q: What are the pros and cons of LOA vs voluntary furlough? [The benefits sound
the same.]

A: Each FA will have to form their own opinions about each option.

Q: What happens if you’ve already been awarded low time for the quarter?
A: It's up the company's discretion to convert that into an LOA/LTL/VF under this side-letter.

Q: Are our contract rules even valid right now?
A: Our contract is still in force. In the case of a conflict between the COVID-19 side-letter
and the contract, the side-letter controls.

Q: Do we accrue longevity if on leave of off-set furlough?
A: yes.

Q: What are the numbers that the company is looking for both in leaves and off-set

A: We do not have that number right now. As you can imagine, the company is doing the
necessary adjustments and calculations.

Q: I know the company is covering my medical and dental should I go on leave, but
what about my family?

A: The company will cover whatever your plan was prior to the April and May 2020 leave
and off-set furlough offer.

Q: Have the Leave and off-set furlough forms come out?
A: No, the company is working on the form and will have it available tomorrow (3.20.20).


Q: I am an at-risk Flight Attendant and my must-go is this month. What can I do in
terms of options? I don’t feel comfortable because of social distancing.

A: The company, through its trade organization Airlines 4 America (A4A), is working with
the FAA to ask for some relief in terms of timelines. The company has advised us that they
are meeting with the FAA today to have that discussion. In the meantime, Ryan Casco, the
Director of Inflight Training put out a memo that speaks to what the company is doing to
help with social distancing and other precautionary measures. It is posted on the IFS

Q: Do you know if I take voluntary furlough if I can still go to recurrent?
A: The company is aware of this inquiry and working with in-flight training to address this.


Q: Does the AFA know how many Flight Attendants were tested for COVID-19?
A: No. Under HIPPA, this is federally protected so that someone’s medical status is

C: We were in BNE and the company and government said we had to stay in our rooms.
This is so frustrating.

A: We can absolutely understand your frustration. At this rate, governments make
seemingly snap-decisions that affect all of us…especially our crews who are away from
domicile. The best thing to do is stay armed with the correct information. These
government decisions are designed to protect the public including our crews. Certainly, it is
not an ideal situation, however, hour safety is the priority.


Q: I was injured at work and currently on workman’s comp. Would my status change
if I were to take an April leave or off-set furlough?

A: We have reached out to human resources and the company’s labor relations
department. They are looking into this and hope to get back with the pertinent information.

Q: When will April 2020 revised packet be released?
A: The company is still working out the numbers. According to their timeline, they have it
scheduled to be out tomorrow (3.20.20).


There is much to discuss. As of this morning, there are more than 24,200 cases worldwide.
13k+ in US and 22 in HI.

We are desperately trying to avoid furloughs. We are fortunate that we have cash reserves
that will help weather this storm.

Our priority is striving to avoid involuntary furloughs and layoffs. This will be painful in the
short term but this is what we are doing: Reducing contractor expenses – $2.4M we can
eliminate, a hiring freeze, capital expenditures reductions, moving our check-ins to Terminal
1 - $140k/month and schedule reductions.

We are doing what we can do avoid involuntary lay-offs. Being careful stewards of our
company resources are important. It goes without saying that we are not alone in this dire situation; every airline has
announced reductions:

American Airlines – 75% including most of int’s INTL
United Airlines – 60%
Delta Airlines – 70% and parking 600 AC
Southwest Airlines – 20%
Thank you to each and every one of you to what you do each and every day. In this stressful time, we have fewer guests on the planes and airports. It is stressful for them too. Everything that we can do to show them Malama and care is appreciated.

Recurrent and At-Risk Flight Attendants - March 18, 2020

Q:  I am in the at-risk category and am concerned about going to recurrent.  What can I do?

A:  The Airlines for American (A4A) has been working with the FAA to address this very issue about re-qual/recurrent for pilots and Flight Attendants.  Until there is some relief, if you are in the at-risk group, please reach out to In-Flight Training to discuss your training options.

Possible Temporary Staffing Solution - March 18, 2020

Q:  Is the company able to consider a temporary solution for COVID-19 to mitigate the loss of flights?

A:  The company asked ALPA, the IAM and AFA with side letters to relieve the staffing issue.  I believe that ALPA signed off with the company first and the AFA reviewed their side letter language.  We are waiting for the official word on the agreement between the company and the AFA.  It follows the existing language in the contract and is should be close to what we had post-9/11.  We'll hear more shortly.

April 2020 Bid Postponement - March 18, 2020

Q:  I saw the AFA email about the postponement of bidding.  Is the company coming out with a new bid packet?

A:  We really do not have a clear idea of what is going on.  The company has been evaluating our flight schedule for weeks and they are making the decision to cancel flights.  Moreover, with the Governor's press conference, there are additional concerns that need to be addressed.  We are all waiting for the company to revise the April bid packet based on the avalanche of events in the past 24 hours.

ICN Reassignment - March 17, 2020

Q:  I have a 4-day ICN that was cancelled.  Can the company re-assign me to a 3-day trip?

A:  We have specific language in the contract that addresses these types of situations.  You can find it in section 7.J and 7.K.  The company also put out their own memo on March 5, 2020 spelling out the parameters.  If you have a 4-day trip, you are assignable for a 4-day trip that falls within the footprint of the original trip.  You can also be assigned 3-hour in front of the back of the trip.  It is best to look at the examples in the contract for a visual explanation.

April 2020 Bid - March 16, 2020

Q:  Is the company going to adjust the April bid packet because of AKL, BNE and SYD?

A:  As many of you know, things in our industry have been happening quickly and without notice.  Since the Prime Ministers announced the Australia and New Zealand border plans, the company made adjustments to their schedule.  However, the discussion to keep the trips on the April 2020 bid packet were discussed and the bid will not change.  This is to ensure that more Flight Attendants have bid lines.  Although those Flight Attendants will be re-assignable, the reassignment must happen according to the parameters in the Contract.  The company spelled this out in their March 5, 2020 communication.  However, the biggest consideration was to ensure more bid lines for our Flight Attendants.

Possible Furloughs? - March 15, 2020

Q:  Is the company planning on furloughs because of COVID-19?

A:  We have seen the many articles about other carriers and how they are addressing their flying and the drop in travel demand.  However, the AFA leadership did not get any information in terms of Hawaiian Airlines Flight Attendant furloughs.  We do know that the company is constantly evaluating what is happening in the world and how things may impact our operations.  Once the company makes the determination, we believe that they will communicate their plan with the AFA to ensure how to best support the Flight Attendant group.  As of this writing, we are waiting for more information from the company.

Negotiating During COVID - March 15, 2020

Q:  This is the worst time to negotiate.  Are we able to wait until this COVID stuff blows over?

A:  The AFA-CWA is obligated to negotiate in good faith with the company and work out any possible tentative agreements.  If an agreement is reached during negotiations, it is then the members responsibility to vote "for" or "against" what is offered.  If both the company and the AFA-CWA agree that options should be discussed, they will communicate that with the members.

Passenger Temperature Checks - March 14, 2020

Q:  Can the company do temperature checks on our passengers/

A:  The Our leadership reached out to the company with this very suggestion.  However, their response is that they are waiting for the state to institute this.  Although we are not in agreement with this route, this is the company decision.  The AFA will continue to press on this important request.

At-Risk Flight Attendants - March 14, 2020

Q:  I am in the at-risk category.  What is available to me?

A:  When we reached out to the company, they suggested that our Flight Attendants call inflight management to request personal leave (PER).  If this is unavailable, then, if the Flight Attendant is sick, s/he can call in sick.  Our EAP Team is preparing information with additional options that may be available to you.  Please expect a message in the next coming days.

March 28 Leafletting Campaign - March 12, 2020

Q:  Are we still doing the leafletting campaign?

A:  At this time, the NC is still evaluating our next best steps.  We have formally cancelled the Informational Picket for tomorrow, and they will communicate any new information for the picket.

COVID and Calling in Sick - March 11, 2020

Q:  I am calling in sick but with COVID, is the company still adhering to the Sick Leave Monitoring Program?

A:  The AFA leadership has asked the company about this very issue.  It is our stance that with all that is going on in the world, that we put the program on hold while we muster through the COVID turmoil.  However, they are not in agreement with this suggestion.  The AFA will continue to press on this issue as other carriers are loosening their sick leave monitoring program for now.

ICN Reassignment - March 10, 2020

Q:  I don't understand how the company can reassign me.  Where is the information?

A:  The AFA leadership met with the company to review the Contract language.  After this discussion, the company put out a communication on March 5, 2020 addressing the questions that the Flight Attendant group may have.  We believe that this communication was thorough and addressed our group's concerns.

National Group Protection (NGP) Paperwork - March 4, 2020

Q:  I have  paperwork for my NGP claim.  Who can help to sign off on this?

A:  The paperwork says that an inflight manager or AFA representative can sign off.  However, the company said that they prefer that your AFA leadership sign the claim form.  Please do not hesitate to call any of your AFA leaders, we are happy to help!

Late Medical Grounding - March 3, 2020

Q:  I have never gotten a Late Medical Grounding.  What do I do?

A:  Things happen and there are times when we need to call in sick with very little notice.  The Contract allows for progressive discipline and really, if this is a one-off and not something chronic, it is not a big deal.  The company will reach out to you and ask to have a conversation with you.  This is part of their support for our Flight Attendants.  The discussion, that could even take place on the phone, is just to cover the work rules and answer any questions you may have.  If you prefer, the AFA can go in with you for the meeting as a support.

In-Flight Documented Discussion - February 22, 2020

Q:  This is the first time ever of getting this email.  Will you be able to be present to attend this with me or is there any other union rep that could?

A:  The disciplinary system is designed to be rehabilitative.  If this is a first time, it really isn’t a big deal. However, I am happy to explain everything to you.  Are you able to call me or provide a phone number so  I can call you? 

Dues Inquiry - February 18, 2020

Q:  Can u let me know if I need to pay any outstanding dues because I’ve been out on maternity leave and I don’t know exactly how much I owe. 

A:  Membership Team, response - [personal information redacted]  If she believes there that any of these months are in error she can let us know. Otherwise she can pay online @ and send confirmation to  

Recall List - February 11, 2020 

Q:  The FA recall list hasn’t been posted on daily flight schedule for some time now. Is it mandatory that it be posted? Or where can we find this info?

A:  We contacted crew scheduling yesterday and they got back today saying that they learned their vendor had a problem. [Apparently, our in-house does not post the DFS.]

They are working on it now with the vendor...but in the meantime, we asked if they could manually post the missing recall on the ifs website.  The company has agreed to manually post the list and you will notice that it is now under RECALL LIST until they resolve the matter with the vendor.

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