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    The Committee is responsible for assisting Local Reserve Committees in resolving problems, as well as working with the MEC Grievance Committee to resolve system-wide Schedule and Reserve violations. The Reserve Committee shall be responsible to monitor all problems specific to Flight Attendants holding a reserve schedule. The committee shall assist with contract interpretation of reserve issues in the Contract, facilitate Reserve Flight Attendant interaction with Crew Scheduling, and educate Reserve Flight Attendants on applicable contract provisions.

This Committee acts in an advisory role to the LEC and MEC Officers on all Reserve matters. We will also help educate the Reserve group about our Contract.​ When questions do arise, we will relay the current and correct information about Reserves' rights and work rules. ​We are also available to help answer any questions that a Reserve Flight Attendant may have about pay, bidding, and their legal rest. We are also the first point of contact for Reserve questions, concerns and issues.

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