LEC 47 President

Josh Aoki

Master Executive Council (MEC) Voting Member

AFA Board of Directors Member

AFA - CWA Delegate

Jaci-Ann joined Hawaiian Airlines in 1998 after working in the food and beverage industry and later commercial property management.  She was based in Los Angeles for 2 years where she was an in-flight instructor and project manager for the In-Flight Manual overhaul.  In 2001, she relocated back to Honolulu.

As your LEC President, her goals include: 

* making a concerted effort to learn about the airline industry, our union and current events that impact our workgroup;

* becoming more knowledgeable about our Contract, it's history and the intent of the language that was mutually agreed upon between the AFA and company;

* educating, informing and advocating for the Flight Attendant group; and

* an ongoing commitment to help the membership move forward as a collective and informed group. 


Jaci-Ann enjoys flying the gamut of Hawaiian Airlines routes, especially 5-day trips that she considers "paid vacation."  She also enjoys inter-island trips and occasionally works Reserve lines for the spontaneous schedules. When she is not at work, Jaci-Ann enjoys traveling to visit family and friends and checking items off her bucket list.

LEC 47 Vice President

Nate Genovia


Nate Genovia is the Local Executive Council Vice President for Los Angeles. He was born and raised in Wahiawa on the island of Oahu. Nate graduated high school in 2008 from Kamehameha and received a B.A. in Journalism and Communications from the University of Oregon in 2012.


After moving back to ‘Oahu in 2014, Nate worked as a Benefits Generalist for a local company until he was selected to attend Initial Flight Attendant Training in February 2018.


Nate has always had a passion for travel and sports. Some of his favorite travel destinations include Las Vegas, New York, Japan, and Italy. His favorite sports are baseball and football.


In wanting to give back and serve his fellow Flight Attendants, Nate decided he would get involved with union work and he hopes to continue to serve and advocate for all members.

LEC 47 Secretary

Beth Hayes


Kerri first volunteered in the AFA while based in LA.  She was an Air Safety, Health and Security representative & later LEC Chair. In addition, Kerri was also an inflight instructor for a number of years. Now that her daughter is of school age, Kerri has returned to the ASHS Team as both the LEC and MEC chairperson.

When she is not flying, Kerri focuses on being the Flight Attendants' voice in monthly meetings with the company.  As Safety Professionals, it is critical to ensure that we have the information and tools we need to succeed on the job.

More recently, she have been working closely with ALPA so our shared concerns are addressed by the company in all departments that affect our common interests.

Her role as the ASHS chairperson also includes working closely with EAP. They collaborate to ensure that the membership's safety and health needs are met especially when there are inflight incidents.


Kerri also assists with the daily needs of the Flight Attendant group.  She is available in the AFA Garden office and lounge especially when we are doing Membership and Safety campaigns.

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