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Chasity Toledo Theno

Deseree "Keahi" Chung

Diana HuiHui

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Specific Duties & Responsibilities:

The Grievance Team's primary responsibility is to protect all Flight Attendants against arbitrary and unjust disciplinary action and to uphold the collective bargaining agreement. We work hand-in-hand with the MEC and with our MEC Senior Advisor Diana Huihui.


  • Screen scheduling clarification forms for potential violations of the Collective Bargaining Agreement.

  • Represent and assist Flight Attendants in contractual non-disciplinary violations and seek a remedy.

  • Submit grievances and represent in hearings on behalf of Flight Attendants who have non-disciplinary contractual violation(s).

  • Submit unresolved grievances on to SBA once all options at the LEC level are seen to fruition. 

Why Would I Fill Out A Scheduling Clarification Form?

If you suspect that you have been scheduled improperly, awarded a trip erroneously, or paid incorrectly, please file a scheduling clarification form.  Our Team will review the company's response and help you once the company responds to your inquiry.

How Do I File A Scheduling Clarification form?

Click the link below or via the IFS website(under the forms tab) PLEASE USE PERSONAL EMAIL ONLY when filling out the form.

                                             Scheduling Clarification Form

Grievance time limits as per 23.C.1.

Any Flight Attendant or group of Flight Attendants who has a grievance concerning any action of the Company affecting such Flight Attendant(s), except matters involving individual discipline or discharge, shall have such grievance handled in accordance with the following procedures provided such grievance is filed within sixty (60) days after the Flight Attendant(s) knew or reasonably would have knowledge of the facts upon which the grievance is based.

For further assistance, contact the SCR and Grievance Committee via the committee email address or give us a call. 

Grievance Committee Email Address:

Grievance Committee Phone number: 808-784-1131  


Council 47, Los Angeles Base

SCR & Grievance Team 

Josh Aoki

Beth Hayes

Melissa Teshima


Joni Kashiwai                      

Paul Ikioka






(Phone is temporarily unmonitored due to COVID, please use the email address provided or contact one of our LEC43 officers for urgent matters)

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