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2017 Council 43 Candidate Forum Video Links
Call To Order
Jaci-Ann S.Chung Opening Statement
Moderator Introduction
Randy Rivera Opening Statement
Presidential Q&A 1
Raymond Wan Opening Statement
Presidential Q&A 2
Addressing Change
Presidential Q&A 4
Kahea Ching Opening Statement
Kerri Chow Opening Statement
LAX Base, Presidential Candidate Experience
Presidential Q&A 3
Language Flight Attendants
Presidential Q&A 5
Negotiation Committee
Vice Presidential Q&A 
Presidential Closing Statements

                          ELECTIONS BALLOT FAQs - UPDATE

Q1.  When does balloting commence?  
A1.  The ballot opens at 12 Noon Eastern Daylight Time on March 29  (600 AM Hawaiian time)

Q2.  When does balloting conclude?
A2.  The ballot closes on April 19 at 300 PM EDT (900 AM Hawaiian time).

Q3.  What are the ballot helpline hours?
A3.  The ballot helpline (800.424.2401, ext 706) is open from 930 AM - 500 PM EDT, Monday - Friday.  A member can call anytime within those hours.

Q4.  When should a member call the ballot helpline?
A4.  Since the ballot is open for three weeks, it is best to wait a few days even after the ballot opens to see if you get your voting instructions in the mail before calling.  If a few days pass and the member didn't receive their voting instructions then, the member should call the AFA ballot helpline and we will be happy to send them voting credentials via email.  

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